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My name is Graham Beeson and I have been the principal of this practice since January 1987 although because the Principal was traditionally the Secretary of the Plympton Cattle Market (1909) Ltd, I can trace the history of the Practice back to the very early 20th Century.

Member of the Institute of Certified Practising Accountants.

I am a member of the ICPA (Institute of Certified Practising Accountants), a formal organisation which is open only to accountants in practice. ICPA membership includes full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We offer a comprehensive range of accountancy and taxation services including preparation of annual accounts and tax returns, payroll management and the completion of VAT returns.

I generally work from Tuesdays to Fridays but am able to react to telephone and e-mail messages on those days when I am not working. However, it must be said that I am the judge of urgency on the days I am not working. I always try to respond to all messages by the next working day.

I have been an active Rotarian for many years. Rotary International has been at the forefront of a drive to rid the world of Polio. Since 1986, Rotary International has spearheaded a drive to vaccinate the children of the world against this disease and from an average of 350,000 cases spread throughout 125 countries in 1986, Poilo had been reduced to just 5 cases in two countries so far in 2017. Polio is a virus which needs a human host but which can survive outside the host for three years so we need to keep vaccinating the children for three years after the last case is reported. We are so nearly there to eradicating this nasty disease from the world forever.

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